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Step 1: Put all the files in the same folder.
- If you lack 2 files as in the example picture, use both .rev files.
- If you lack only 1 file, you need only 1 rev file, you can use part01.rev OR part02.rev. Every one of them will reconstruct 1 .rar file.

Step 2: Open any .rev file and a window will appear as in the piture. Press "YES" to reconstruct lost files. In my example i did open part02 that doesn't matter. Winrar does all automatically.

Step 3: WAIT. That window will close after the process finishes and those 2 files will be on the list.

Please let me know if you know or have a website or xdcc server where i can leave .rev files for unlimited time. Because they are not frequently downloaded, they usually are deleted after 30 days. is not an option, it will be painful creating free accounts every 30 releases. Having them online at least 1 year would be very useful.

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  1. YOU CAN USE Baidu Wangpan

    1. doesn't that require to have a chinese phone number?
      i remember been trying that before

    2. Create an account with SMS:
      and then you can complete the baidu wangpan account creation:

    3. with this you can use other country phone number.


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