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Sunday, June 19, 2022

不機嫌なモノノケ庵 1巻

More info here.

You can buy it here too.

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  1. Good Colleague... do you have access to U2?! If so, could you download a file from there for me?!

    1. sorry, i can't accept requests

    2. I see... It wasn't even a request, but a help! It was this file(, I already asked the servant but nothing... if you change your mind here my email: gabrielhiroshi40@gmail. com

    3. there is no such set of files
      there is some rips and isos, but the set you mention is not

    4. have you read this link?

      i don't know how that forum works, but it looks like if you pay 8usd you can get the password


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