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Friday, April 2, 2021

About every 2 weeks i'm getting notified with this "Over Quota" message, which means i can't keep uploading any file for other 2 weeks until they decided to delete old files which are not being downloaded. I could do it by myself but they don't provide any mean to know which ones are, i could just delete an old 3TB folder, but there is no guarantee files in there are the ones which are not being downloaded stopping the limitation. So i'll be slowly leaving that service alone the same way i did with turbobit, 1fichier provides good speed, but not having a way to know beforehand when will i be penalyzed even having a premium account, or which files should i delete before that, is just a pain in the ass. In the next 2 weeks i will have to use a very limited free account, from which i have to delete the oldest releases before uploading new ones... again, yes it is happening since november last year, every 2 weeks.

BTW, if you ask me why i stopped using turbobit, it was because they sometimes were giving only 7 fucking days as grace period to auto-delete not downloaded files, sometimes 15, and sometimes 30, or suddenly 7 days again. There was a week las year when they left my account with less than 100 files, they deleted about 1500 files with no notification at all, and yes, even having a premium account.

Edit 2 weeks later:

And banned again for 2 weeks

and again june 3rd

Again july 2nd

Again in august

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  1. I think you should consider other ways of sharing files.
    But, to be honest, with the amount of releases that are in this web I trully don't know which way is the best. Torrent?, p2p? maybe googledrive account?
    I used to trust some of the servers you use but they deleted lots of files without my permission and without giving any explanations. From them on I use torrent, and my releases have been alive since I launched them (and my economy is better too...).
    Anyway, awesome job you do here.

    1. they are already on p2p, but they only last a few days there.
      torrent doesn't help me to pay the server, you can see in some public trackers how bdmv releases for not so popular series are usually empty. At the other side googledrive already tried outside this site and is a pain for uploading so many files constantly, also i've already lost 2 accounts because dmca complains


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