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Saturday, May 30, 2020


More info here.

You can buy it here too.

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  1. Hello admin. I wanted to say this. Is there really a point in uploading files where the free limit is only 1024 mb on both upload, nitro and now rapid (at 1 gb)?

    Aren't you wasting your time doing that just to stay below 30 files? I don't know about others but I refuse to buy more than one service at a time when I want certain files.

    Maybe you could reconsider going past 30 files when dealing with certain upload sites like rapid, nitro, and upload much like you did with doing more than 1 page to reveal the anime to now be at 2 pages. Right now I can only grab through one of them that being gig on the one labeled pussies due to this and other bd's in the past and present.

    1. point? none, it's only my will and the premise i made when i started this site: not more than 30 links unless is not a standard BDMV, for which the filesize limit will be 1600MB, that's all. This website is alive thanks to premium account sales. If you don't want to buy another premium account, that doesn't affect me, i will not stop doing it the way i'm doing it. Except with RG, where they left the limit over my will.


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