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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

ハイスコアガール STAGE 3

More info here.

You can buy it here too.

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  1. Do you have "council movie" box set of s1 and s2 in queue?

    I think Ai Tenchi vol 3 is missing

    Anything on
    Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism
    Grancrest Senki
    Koi to Uso OVA
    Ore ga Suki

    I asked a while back about Demi-chan vol 1 & 3 re-release since new vol were 2 years later and you said they'll come but in queue. Is it still so?
    Thanks for share. I also bought through your reference link but dunno if got through to you since was my first time buying a month pass.

  2. 1: no, but s1 it's available if i wanted since it was released here in 2015, s2 it's available and was released here in 2017 so next year i could made a reupload
    2: ok, i didn't know it was available, downloading now but will take some time
    3: not available yet
    4: not available yet
    5: soon
    6: not available yet

    1. OK, thanks for reply.

      Yes, please include "council" box sets and Demi-chan vol 1 and 3.

      About "council" box set I was curious because I saw vols were released for series then later the box set. Example, Nagi no Asukara, Regalia and other series. Regalia vol was deleted tho dunno why. Is box set better then vols?

      Could you please include the CD stuff that comes with the BD when possible. It's been difficult getting these especially OST, character songs and drama cds.

    2. not worth having regalia vols with broken links and at the same time the bd-box, cds and others are not included for ethical reasons regarding the original uploader

    3. I expect those links to be broken since it's their time should be up if its been awhile. I just didn't know why the regalia vols were deleted as I thought something went wrong. Having the vols are useful to see each of the vols artwork as they were being released and to know it was shared on this site already plus the box sets don't show those artworks. It's worth seeing it for archiving sake.

      Ethical reasons? You mean the uploader just doesn't want them shared? I never understood that nonsensical ideology. If it was truly for ethical reasons they wouldn't be sharing the Bllu-rays in private and public sites in the first place and also the BD disc are worth more then the CD. Seems kinda backward thinking. yare yare daze

      Thanks for the reply and share admin

    4. add lazyness to the equation. some uploaders don't leave cds or extras until the serie is complete, when they release the full pack, or days later adding a "rev" version adding those extras


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